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Where Art and Science Meet

Considerations when outsourcing


A perspective by David W. Burden, Ph.D.,

President, BT&C, Inc., & OPS Diagnostics, LLC

Leonardo da Vinci

Science is a discipline that helps people understand.  Science is not a tangible item, but is a way of thinking and looking at the world. 

Scientific methods are used to understand processes and phenomena.  Science can be used to dissect the universe, decipher the mechanisms of cancer, design fuel efficient cars, and develop a better chocolate chip cookie.  The same thought processes can be applied to the big and small, important and mundane, and practical and impractical.  Though with all its power, science doesn't solve problems or create new entities.  Those tasks are left to creative thought.  more ...

How Long Have We Been in Business?

Ronald Reagan was president.

BT&C's first state of the art computer was a 128K Mac.

The football Cardinals still played in St. Louis.

Jamaica had yet to field an Olympic bobsled team.

The Dow Jones average was still below 2000.


Our 20+ years of business doesn't make us stogy, it makes us experienced and well versed.  One of the nice things about being a scientist is that getting older is synonymous with getting smarter.

Dollars and "Sense" of Outsourcing

Cost is not just about dollars


BT&C outsources certain activities like any other company.  Indeed if we need PCR primers synthesized or a prototype instrument machined, we will pay other companies to do the work we are not equipped or prepared to do ourselves.  Sometimes the estimates make us cringe, but the overall cost of outsourcing is much lower than the alternative of creating the skills and talent in-house.


Investing in new products, testing concepts, and fixing problems has to be done for companies to grow.  Markets and opportunities change, and if your company doesn't adjust and exploit the new opportunities, then your competitors will.  Outsourcing allows companies to probe new areas and opportunities without expending large amounts of investment dollars.  If the opportunity is real, then developing the abilities in-house is then practical.

BT&C can help your company develop new products, fix problems, and chase new opportunities.  For more information on our consulting and contract services, click here

Who's Who

For new visitors to this website you will find essentially two different companies, namely BT&C which does consulting and contract work and OPS Diagnostics which designs, manufactures and sells specialized lab products.  This website is primarily for BT&C, but many scientists looking for OPS Diagnostics' products find their way here because search engines have long memories.  Consequently some product pages do exist on this site, but OPS Diagnostics does have its own site and online store at


OPS Diagnostics and Store on New Website

If you are looking for the OPS Diagnostics website and store, it has been combined and moved to its own website.  To visit the new site, click here.