High Speed Micro Plate Shaker

Speed Range: 600-2500 rpm       

Controls: Digital

List Price: $4556

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Like most laboratories, our research commonly uses 96 and 384-well plates. However the benefit of high-density formats for high throughput screening is often complicated by the inability to ensure that the samples within the wells are treated uniformly. Actions such as heating, cooling, and mixing often lack uniformity across microwell plates, and can add significant variation in the experimental results. The best example of this variation is the edge effect that plagues cell culturists. We have examined many of the variables affecting assays in microwell plates, and for assays requiring mixing we found that the Troemner Micro Plate Shaker provides vigorous uniform agitation for both cell growth and cell lysing. Unlike vortexing units, the Micro Plate Shaker generates a tight circular motion on multiple plates so that each well receives the same treatment. Even for something as simple as plasmid isolation, lack of uniformity in the lysis step can lead to considerable variation in yields. Consequently, we routinely use this high speed orbital shaker for many of our standard procedures using deep well and standard microtiter plates.



The Troemner High Speed Micro Plate Shaker is designed to tackle the most difficult shaking applications like lysing cells or mixing polar and non-polar solutions in deep well micro plates, standard microtiter plates or small diameter tubes.  It is a benefit to high throughput screening operations, especially involving organic extractions procedures.


In a recent high throughput screening application, an extraction was performed in deep well plates using equal volume of organic and aqueous phases.  In a deep well plate, a full 1.5 ml was efficiently mixed in 2 ml wells using this high speed shaker.

New research techniques have placed higher demands on shaking and vortexing devices where traditional orbital shakers are not satisfactory. High speed shaking or vortexing is needed for such applications as emulsification and cell lysing because liquids are viscous or small vessels are being utilized.

The more viscous a solution, the harder it is to mix or emulsify. The smaller the tube diameter and / or headspace in the vessel, the more difficult it is to mix or emulsify because the solution has little space to increase velocity. Cell lysing is commonly done in deep well microplates with small diameter holes or small micro tubes, and many shaking units do not have enough speed or power to lyse the cells in these vessels.

There is no unit on the market that is designed to operate up to 2500 RPM and is specifically designed to hold deep well blocks, and trays of small diameter test tubes. With a 0.070 offset, the unit is able to reach higher speeds, which increases the vigor of the mixing. The unit has 12 suction cup feet under the base, which prevents the unit from "walking" on the lab bench. The High Speed Micro Plate Shaker can hold up to 7 pounds, which will accommodate many larger blocks used in combinatorial chemistry applications. The unit has a series of spacers on the threaded posts to allow for adjustment from 1/8" up to 5 inches, which allows the user to double or even triple stack micro plates up to 5 inches in height.

The High Speed Micro Plate Shaker is not limited to high throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry applications. Recommend it for any application where emulsification is needed and viscosity or small vessels present a problem.


DIMENSIONS: 12.0" W x 15.5" D x 12.8" H
WEIGHT: 50 lbs.
VOLTAGE: 115 volts AC, 50/60 hertz; 230 volts AC, 50/60 hertz
CURRENT: less than 1 amp
POWER: 120 watts
SPEED: 600-2500 rpm
ACCURACY: +/- 25 rpm
ECCENTRIC ORBIT: 0.140" diameter (0.070 offset)
10 1/2" W x 10 1/2" D x 3 7/8" H
Designed for 6-96 tube well blocks.
Capacity, 5 to 7 lbs.


Speed and time LCDs, Pulse feature, Timer (with automatic reset) runs from 1 sec up to 167 hrs or may be used in a continuous mode

OPERATION: Four knobs spin up to allow top tray removal. Replace top tray and tighten knobs after replacing blocks

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Digital Control 115 volt



Digital Control 230 volt



Replacement tray pad set



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For culturing and lysing cells in microwell plates and for applications requiring high rates of agitation


High speed shaker for high throughput screening
High Speed Microplate Shaker

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